According to Babel Fish my (hot) title is how you say Project Runway in German...the language of Project Runway's lovely leader Heidi Klum (Methinks somebody is copying Ty Ty Baby, but I don't mind because ANTM is drawing to a close and I desperately need a some new false reality to keep me going from week to week.)

So, to get down to business, I'm here to tell you that YOU SHOULD WATCH PROJECT RUNWAY, because it's a fucking fantastic show.

1. Fashion designers as well as models compete. (And these models actually look like models unlike um, certain other competing models on a reality TV show)

2. Heidi Klum is pregnant and has a German accent...I'm not sure if that makes the show more or less attractive to you, but I thought it was only fair you should know.

3. Last season = super hot fashioneality drama (enjoyable whether you enjoy real fashion or not, much as reality tv is enjoyable whether or not you are in touch with reality)

4. This season looks to be even hotter and has the added allure of some super fantastique recaps from TVgasm (Of which 2 luverly ones have already been posted)

[Official Project Runway website]

Auf Wiedersehen, bitches (as the Kluminator would say) go watch Project Runway.


katrina said...

you should watch the project runway episodes at my house again. hmmm, now i'm a little nostalgic about last year except for the work part. i wonder if there is a wendy pepper wannabe.

LCP said...

I neeeeeeeeeeed to watch them with you! I'm so psyched for this show!