HiDefinitely Hot or Not

TVPredictions has compiled a list of the top 10 HiDef hotties......as well as the top 10 notties. Not that I'm likely to be getting a HiDef TV anytime soon, but at least I know now who's been hiding behind the fuzzy flattery of the cameras. C'mon, who doesn't like to hear about celebrities being ugly????

The HiDef Hotties: Eva Longoria, Mischa Barton, Nikki Cox, Jennifer Garner, Alexis Dzenia....um, I don't care who hot these random girls look in HiDef, I have no idea who half of them are! So on to the more interesting part:

The HiDef Notties:
1. Teri Hatcher (duh, she's a bag of bones wrapped in loose saggy skin no matter how you look at her...I do have to admit that she's got nice bone structure, though)
2. Demi Moore (another duh, even that much plastic surgery can't combat the effect that gravity and keeping up with her boy toy seem to have had on her face)
3. Donald Trump
4.Heather Locklear
5.David Letterman (amazingly Dave is also incredibly unfunny in HiDef)
7.Ray Liotta
8.Sandra Bullock
9.Clinton (Whoa, I like Clinton and all but considering how godawful he looks in grainy newspaper photos I can only imagine what those undereye bags of his look like in High Definition....*shiver*)
10.Clint Eastwood (TVPredictions says his skin looks like rawhide, but you can't hate on that, it's part of his weathered cowboy appeal!)


trini said...

is clinton bill clinton or someone else? im confused because they put everyone else's first name there.
p.s. my word verication is rzn- LCP!!! how cool is that shit.

LCP said...

Bill...and I typed these so sorry for assuming there were no other celebrity Clintons....no that I think of it, I guess there's Hillary and Chelsea too.