Dear Ashley Olsen,

It being the holidays all, I figured this is probably a good time to spread peace and love and goodwill (of the conceptual and cheap clothing varieties) so I thought it was important to remind you that I think you are super-cool.

I know you probably feel a little left out sometimes and maybe even a little insulted by the way you get tossed aside in favor of MK, please don't. Ash, the truth is I <3 you too and when I ran across this picture of you it really reminded me of some of your great qualities:

1) Love the shoes, Ash! You have gorgeous clothes. I may think MK has better style (not that many, many, many people don't disagree with me) but sometimes she can take the dumpster chic thing a tad far, and in those cases you are refreshing because you're a little more glam, a little more label-conscious, a little more polished....in a nutshell you're bling-blingin'.

2) Love, love the super skinny pants!! Um, I don't have anywhere I was planning on taking that, I just love your pants. They're pretty.

3) Love, love, love the venti Starbucks!!! And that's really what reminded me of how much I like you, because people who always drink venti are just way cooler than people who drink lame 'grande' and ultra-lame 'tall'. Please, don't even get me started on the pretentious fucks who refuse to use Starbucks' sizes and ask for a 'medium' coffee. Anyway, I know that you understand how I feel when I'm stuck in line behind one of said fucks and am about to be late for school, and it feels so good to have a fellow venti-drinker to talk to about this!

In conclusion, Happy Holidays!
<3 LCP


me said...

haha you're funny

LCP said...

um, thanks me.....I think I'm funny too. Who are you you mysterious "me" commenter is your name tom?

the real me (katrina) said...

haha... i remember when the guy asked for a medium and not a grande.
p.s. why is my name not me? i leave wayy more comments than mungbean, so if shes "me", then you get really confused and think, "who is this crazy person?". but if i were "me" then you'd think, "oh, its katrina, my loyal commenter, except for those times when her internet doesn't work." i have no problem typing my real name or anything, i was just thinking about whats easiest for you lcp dearest.

LCP said...

She's "me" because it's the first syllable of her name, so you can be "ka" if you want, okay?