Today is a Special Day, Guys....

Today is a the day the spawn of Alias may be born....

...Jennifer Garner's due date guys, get excited! Violet Affleck is due to bloom at any moment!

Hmm...Today is a sad day too guys, getting the axe:

-Kitchen Confidential home to Alias alums Will and Vaughn
-Arrested Development yeah, I don't really care that much about this because I'm one of the unelightened who doesn't watch...Kristin rants though.
-7th Heaven I'm a bit conflicted over this one. Crappy show, but it's been around for as long as I can remember and I'm not quite sure that TV will be the same without those sanctimonious Camdens and the awful awfulness that is their hair.

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katrina said...

i'm really upset about the whole arrested development thing, but at the same time i'm not just because arrested devolopment has lost its umph after charlize theron appears in the few last episodes as micheal bluth's new love, rita, who is mentally retarded and the worst english accent ever! you really have to watch the old seasons with me and kate. STEVE HOLT!!