I <3 W

...I mean I still love Vogue more, but props to W for first giving us that gorgeous Kate Moss issue when everyone else (stupid Burberry, H&M, etc.) was deserting her and now....MK is going to be on the January cover!!!

"Ashley did a solo cover for Harper's Bazaar last summer, and this was an opportunity for Mary-Kate to do her own. She's feeling great and wanted to do something beautiful. It was her decision."

I'm super psyched for her first solo cover and it will probably be like a bazillion times cooler than Ash's Harper's Bazaar cover.

Note: I just want to say that I do like Ash a lot tooo and I'm not trying to be mean or anything, she's just not quite as cool as MK.


mahncy said...

i kept forgetting to tell you that kate moss was on the cover of this month's w. if you havent already read the issue, you can borrow mine. its very good.

LCP said...

did you NOT see that I mentioned that in the post mahncy, pu-leeze pay attention (and sure, I suppose, you can lend it to me if you really want)