Kirsake is Dead

...who are Kirsake you ask? (optional pronunciation: sake pronounced like sake--the drink, stupids--because Drunkst drinks a lot) Well, it was goooing to be my new nickname for Kirsten Dunst & Jake Gyllenhaal but y'know, then they had to go break up so I guess you don't really need to bother remembering it.

Hmmm....I wonder who they'll hook up with next. Guesses? How about:
Kirsten + Orlando Bloom = Blunst or Kido...aww what cute names
Jakey + Heath = the gay cowboys (Seriously, anythings possible especially if Jake really is the notorious Toothy Tile. Although see Defamer's theory on that one.)


casaevita said...

you're blog is just to crazy 4 words man!!
I like it!! I've blogged it so I can stop by once in a while!!

C U Later

LCP said...

thanks C U later too