The Devil Wears Valentino

I'm torn between wanting to see this movie (because I loved the book: Vogue mixed with Gossip Girl...not that anyone else over 12--other than me, M, & K--has probably read GG) and also kind of not wanting to see it because Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway are both annoying...plus how lame will it be if "the devil" doesn't actually wear Prada???

Although head Vogue-ette Anna Wintour has previously made light of her ex-assistant Lauren Weisberger’s best-selling roman a clef, we hear the Devil may care after all. Sources say Wintour has been doing everything in her power to ensure the film version of The Devil Wears Prada fizzles—even threatening to blacklist some of the fashion world’s biggest names if they agree to do cameos. When Wintour got wind that producers had been recruiting major designers for walk-on roles, sources close to the film say she unleashed a flurry of phone calls intimating to the aspiring thespians that they’d be persona non grata in the pages of her high-end glossy if they participated. Most of the designers bowed out, we hear, with the notable exception of Valentino—who made good on his promised cameo despite having born the brunt of Wintour’s discontent.[Radar link]

NY Times story on Lauren Weisberger and her 2nd book...which isn't doing quite so well.


k? or maybe not... said...

is K me or kate? because as you can see there are two k's. you mentioned K as Kate when you were talking about your superpower in art summer school, but me K has read the book, unless K as in kate has also read the book. so basically, we need to solve the multiple k situation.

LCP said...

sorry :-(

but that k doesn't read this so I figure I can talk to you as k, right?

maybe I should call her "the other k" because you're so much cooler?

oh KAY said...

sounds good in the neighborhood.