the Leotard Backlash

Um, I totally already said that Madonna's just a tad old to be wearing those leotards in her Hung Up video, but now that she's taken to just walking around in public in them, it seems her husband sees it too...

's husband Guy Ritchie was unhappy about the skimpy outfit that she wore for the MTV Europe Music Awards. The film director asked his wife to choose another dress, but the Queen of Pop ignored his request. "He wasn't happy and told her in no uncertain terms," a source told The People. "He thinks she's too old to be wearing such skimpy things and that she should have toned it down a bit. Madonna listened to what Guy had to say but chose not to do anything about it."She went ahead and wore what she was planning to anyway. It made for a bit of an unpleasant atmosphere backstage." [justjared link]

Maybe she's just reinvented herself a few too many times and she's just done with the pants thing and the skirts and the dresses and the shorts and all that was left was a rainbow assortment of leotards.

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