The NY Times Crushes Girlish Dreams Everywhere

Well, to be quite precise, a Mr. Stephen Holden crushed them when I went online, innocently expecting to read a dispassionate, levelheaded review of Pride & Prejudice--which I had just seen and loved--and instead he gave me this:

"That the world teems with fantasies of Mr. Darcy and his ilk there is no doubt. How many of his type are to be found outside the pages of a novel, however, is another matter."

Boo to you, Mr. Holden, you're certainly no Fitzwilliam Darcy and quite frankly, I don't like you and your smarmy, anti-romantic attitude. Brace yourself, and read his complete review.

Okay, you don't really have to brace yourself, for most of the review Stephen just gushes about how Keira Knightley's "radiance...suffuses the film," and how the movie is a "keen scrutiny of social mobility and the Darwinian struggle of the hungriest to advance by wielding whatever leverage...." blah, blah, blah, BLAH--Stephen, you don't have to make it all boring in order to validate your approval, we get that you're just all mushy on the inside and it's okay. So, basically Stephen and I both think you should go see it. Also, unlike Stephen, I believe there are plenty of latter-day Mr. Darcys lurking around just waiting to make girls happy with 10,000 pounds per annum and a ginormous mansion in the English countryside....oh man, just that house made the movie worth the admission price.


mahncy said...

i just got back from seeing pride and prejudice. i loveeed it! it was soo good. and the house was definitely gorgeous...i was thinking that id really enjoy living there.

omg! lolz!! rofl! said...

haha... another mahncy comment. I really did like the movie though. my mommie said you called my cell phone. since she was working and had your number, i didnt know your cell phone so i couldnt call back. i really wanted to hang out with you too, if that's what you were calling about.
p.s. theres a fatty l.b. marathon today at 3:00 till like 11.00 if youre interested.

Katrina, Megan, & Lynn said...

hey mahncy, we posted on "your" myspace....just joking and stuff. read it....especially the "hot hot heat" and "las vegas 2003" posts!