Happy "the OC" Day

..and in honor of that day, more OC music goodness from the LG Music Blog with an interview of Alexandra Patsavas, who is the Music Supervisor for the show. Here's a little taste...

LG: ...So, the LG offices are dying to know what kind of music Mischa Barton really listens to? We don’t picture her sitting around at home listening to the Sex Pistols record.

ALEXANDRA: (Laughing) You have to ask Mischa.

LG: Yeah but your as close, sadly, as we’re probably ever going to get to her.

ALEXANDRA: She really likes Rachel Yamagata and I know she likes Phantom Planet.

Hmmm, I bet in real life she listens to Ashlee Simpson or something, like in season one of the OC when she says she likes punk and Seth is like "Avril Lavigne is not punk"...seriously, Mischa.

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