Arnold Wishes the Terminator Would Help Him Governate

After the governator wasted tons of taxpayer dollars to hold an idiotic special election for eight idiotic initiatives, they were all voted down in Tuesday night’s state election--Ha ha. Prompting Arnold to act stupid again, and tell a press conference:

“If I would do another Terminator movie I would have Terminator travel back in time and tell Arnold not to have a special election.”

Oh, Ahnuld, I wish you would travel back in time and DIE! (Or maybe just go back to Austria or Terminator-land or wherever you came from.)


lynne said...

hmm.... but what about longboards? i mean... they can have some pretty awesome boys attached.

treeners said...

she's just kidding, skaters can be hot...just thought these were funny/really mean

and you left your comment on the wrong post!!!!!!! whore!

lynn will beat your ass down!

go look @ mahncy's myspace!

LCP said...

hi lynne!