"Hear, Hear!" to FourFour

While I admit to a mild obsession with "Hung Up" at the moment...(Keep in mind I'm also currently obsessed with Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You", D.H.T.'s "Listen to Your Heart" and I happen to possess all of Britney's albums--not counting the lame-o remixes) Anyway, temporary obsessions notwithstanding....

I have to heartily second this treatise on the overaged, overhyped, and overloved-ness that is Madonna. Just a taste...

"What eventually repelled me was her noxious mixture of triteness and arrogance...What was liking her worth, anyway? She can't really sing (though it's reasonable that you could like her voice the way you like your culinarily untrained mother's cooking). She can't write. She's savvy and sometimes quick-witted, but rarely does she exhibit the kind of intellect she'd love for us to believe that she possesses. I don't care about dancing or mysticism or flashes of contrived modesty."

[fourfour link and the image is from misshapes]

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