Coming Soon, My New Favorite...

Do You Know Where You Will Be on Nov. 19th? I do. Not one but TWO new H&Ms are coming to San Fran on November 19th! With Stella and everything! Oh boy.

"The Union Square stores are the retailer's first branches west of Chicago. Its strategy is always the same: When H&M hits a city, it hits like Starbucks, saturating an area. (A third branch is coming to the Sun Valley Mall in Concord in the spring; insiders say that yet another unit is coming to the Westfield Shopping Center, at Fifth and Market.)"

Hey, more saturation is fine with me as long as only the good stuff is spreading--cheap clothes and frothy caffiene--yummy, I finally feel like the holidays are coming! (Despite the fact that I've been stockpiling jackets, boots, and Christmas music for a few months now)


treenies said...

Here's the plan lcp: we go to san fran in the morning on some weird holiday, get there at around 8-9, hopefully beat the crowds and get tons of clothes without waiting around for dressing rooms and stuff like that. sounds good? cool, but i assure you, i probably wont be able to shop there when you do, because secret plans always leave katrina out of these types of things. ALWAYS.

LCP said...

fyi, ms. feel-sorry-for-herself its a saturday so there will be no secret "during g period" plans.

and speaking of that wknd. Harry P. comes out the day before!!! we're going right???

mahncy said...

im soo excited that h&m is opening. i had a feeling it was opening soon...as in before 2006, but i had no idea it was this soon! we should all plan a san francisco trip for that day. it will be perfect.

LCP said...

definitely! okay mahncy I'm posting the songs--I can think of so far--that should be on the mix:

-Journey song (..never remember the name)
-"Because of You" Kelly C.
-"Hung Up" Madonna
-"Listen to Your Heart" D.H.T. (I'm not actually sure that's how they spell it but whatevs)
-"Daughter to Father" Lindsay Lohan (unless everybody else objects...sniff, sniff)
-"Precious" Depeche Mode (unless, M. objects because I think "we" want to get the new album anyway)
-"The Way We Get By" Spoon
-"We Used to Be Friends" The Dandy Warhols (aka the Veronica Mars theme song)
-"99 luftballons" Nena (unless you guys are sick of it, I'm personally permanently obsessed...)
-"Rock&Roll Queen" The Subways

okay, that's basically just what I feel like listening to right now so...feedback? and if I think of more possibilities I'll add them here. (k, m, m: you guys should add what you want or feel free to rip apart my suggestions)

MEEEEEE (hopefully you know why i am) said...

ooh and "becuase of you" kelly

i thought i should leave a comment since i read this all the time but i never respond to anything. Plus i was feeling a bit left out since all of you guys were having your special converstions

treenies said...

hey you should put the forever young song on there, unless im totally retarded and you mentioned it before.
p.s. lcp and mahnster, lynne mohganzee is planning on buying tickets online for harry potter for thursday at 10:00. i didn't include you megan just because i told you at lunch. so we need to figure out whose going.

LCP said...

I'm going!!!

and "meeeeeee" I know "why" you are but you apparently didn't notice that "because of you is already the 2nd f'ing song on the list. jeez.

megan said...

did you mean to say "who" i am?
oh yeah, and i kinda object to "precious" cause we ARE gonna buy it.

LCP said...

wait megan aren't YOU "meeeee"? I'm the one correcting your grammar bitch...look @ what you wrote! and I think we should put "precious" on anyway, mmmkay?

mahncy said...

first off...the "journey song" is ACTUALLY called "smalltown girl" so now you can't forget. and, i don't object to the Depeche Mode song because I really really like their newer songs. so, if you get the cd, make sure to burn me a copy. so, i'll put it on there. and ill add "forever young." okk so i'll get to work on this cd. just wondering...how many copies should i be making?

LCP said...

mahncy (that's you btw)
katrina (I think)
kate (probably)

...that's all I know