Craig, Daniel Craig

According to this e-mail, the only reason Daniel Craig got picked as the new 007 because everyone else (Hugh Jackman, Colin Farrell, Ewan McGregor) had something wrong with them:
Jackman “too fey”, McGregor “too short” and Farrell “too sleazy”
...um, did they not notice that Craig is "too ugly"? Seriously, I'm trying to give this guy a chance but since there are NO flattering pictures of him anywhere on the internet and the only reason I've heard of him before is that he was linked to Sienna Miller, this is really hard for me. [popsugar link for e-mail]

update: apparently Craig used to date Kate Moss....leading me to wonder if all famous British people sleep together, it just gets more and more twisted.

Links (from Defamer):

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And just for a splash of variety:

· “Blond. James Blond.” [AP]

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