Jared Hates you Back

You really don't think Jared Leto is hot, Megan? Even with new more pretty pictures from Strut magazine (justjared link)...where do these random magazines come from anyway?

But look how upset he is that you don't like him....those sad downcast eyes, that woefully popped collar...it's still not enough for you. Fine, now he's a little bit angry, serves you right.


Treenman said...

okay, i have to admit, he is hot in this photo shoot. this is because, and only because he doesnt have that ugly long bleached blond hair, but there IS something about him that puts me off about him. just something.

Treenman said...

the cover picture is the beat, because he looks the most different from what he normally looks like. actually now that i think of it, he kind of looks like demi moore!thats so funny that i didnt see it before. am i nuts? or do you agree?

LCP said...

what are you talking about??? bleached blonde hair? and he always looks like that when he's not wearing weird make-up...are you saying you don't like his EYES??? I'm not going to respond to the Demi Moore thing because I don't really want to see that.