Knightley the Knife

Well isn't she looking rather knife-like?

I'd noticed in all the Domino reviews they refer to how Keira looks like she weighs about 90 lbs, but seriously she's looking pretty skinny in this NY Times feature (well actually their little "T magazine" insert) [nytimes link....to a couple more skinny Keira pictures plus the article]

Okay, now compare razor sharp Keira to these pictures in Elle from 2003....she looks much softer right? So either she lost some weight (ironic considering how often she whines in interviews about wishing she had the cleavage that they painted onto her in Pirates of the Carribean) or else they just decided skinny is in and are trying to make her look as bony as possible....

Review of Domino....hmm, I thought the previews made it look like crap (especially Keira with her butch hairdo screaming really loudly...wow, so tough.) but this review makes it sound kind of intriguing.


Treenman said...

speaking of movies, i watched the ending half of this movie i really want to rent and watch. its called "whatever it Takes" and it has hottie james franco in it. Shane is this geeky guy who likes this popular girl and james franco, whos popular, like his geeky neighbor and they end up teaching each other how to get the other girl. he is really cute in this movie, we should see it.

LCP said...

yeah, I love that movie (I mean it's crappy and just like all those other 90s teen romantic comedies, but I love it anyway) and megan owns it so we can definitely see it