He'll Be Back

...in the movies that is, hopefully not as governor again. (When does this term end anyway? It's not like people still like him, everytime I turn on the TV it's another of this boring commercials about how "Arnold said he would...." puh-leeze, you get what you vote for you stupid over 18-yr-olds)

Anyway, those stupid people who voted for Ah-nuld should be pleased that their governor will be juggling politics with Terminator 4 and True Lies 2. [contactmusic.com]


Treenman said...

hey did you hear about matthew perry and lauren graham are a couple? im sure you did. your thoughts?

LCP said...

my thoughts are....I'm not really sure. Sometimes I like Lorelai and sometimes I LOVE Chandler, but there is something...weird about both of them. Anyway, Matthew Perry has problems (drugs, fatness, red-facedness, etc.)

p.s. are you going to peer helping tonight?