the Uncommon Application

mind that does not stick
means "mind that does not stick." —Zen Master Shoitsu (1202-80)

Yeah, that's a whole essay prompt. No question....maybe the fact that this doesn't inspire me to write a glorious essay revealing my true inner self is an indication that I'm not cool enough to go to University of Chicago with their "Uncommon Application"--oh that's sooooooo clever.

By the way, I don't have school today so I'm supposed to be working on my college essays...but instead I'm posting about them on a blog. I think that shows that I'm a geek and a slacker.


Anonymous said...

Actually it means "a heart (soul) that cannot be captured/taken"

Means an unprejudiced or unbiased mind.

LCP said...

Um, so not only do they give a really random prompt, it's completely misleading??? wow.

Anonymous said...


Got an account - all the snarky anonymous comments up to this point were mine. Thanks for using capital letters.

LCP said...

Actually, you can totally use comments without having an account (or being anonymous--talk to me mahncy!) you just have to select other and a place to type in a name comes up...just so you know.

Anonymous said...

Well yeah, I was doing that before. I wrote the comment at the top about the meaning of the Japanese phrase, as well as the other crap before about not using capital letters.

This way you know it's me. Not that you know who "me" is, but if I'm making cracks about your crappy layout I want some credit for it, goddammit. Anonymity is overrated.

Also if I never see Jess in person I might as well make up for it by harrassing her sister on her blog. Ha!