Sleeping with the Enemy

This is Rachel Nichols, (who plays) one of the new recruits at A.P.O. (that's where Syd works on Alias, for those of you who stopped caring after the show stopped being very good....I don't give up so easily)

Innyhoo, I have reason to believe Rach is evil and having a little affair with Sark! (lucky bitch) My evidence--from Kristin's latest chat transcript @ Eonline:

From sark4ever: When do we see David Anders again?
Very soon! I just heard that Sarkie-poo is coming back in the first half of the season and is going to be knocking boots with a main character. Guesses?

......a few questions later.......

From rouxfille: Is Rachel Nichols' character on Alias as evil as she seems?
Hint: She's also going to be knocking boots. Hmmm.

As Kristin says, hmmm. Oh, she also reveals Sark is coming in Episode 8 (I think we're on episode 3, yup I can recall two boring episodes so far this year. It's a pretty bad sign when you kill off a major character and your show still isn't exciting. I think it's Syd's pregnancy, because those suck.)

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