Coco Mademoiselle

So I was just innocently googling images of ballet flats (hey, more useful than the crap my teachers assign as homework.) When suddenly my friend google ambushes me with a picture of what my heart has always secretly desired...but before I was lucky enough not to know so I didn't care much. Um, why don't I own a pair of flats like this? Do I not want them badly enough or something? Am I being punished????

Related Note: I was tres annoyed at Marissa last week on the O.C. in all her smug chanel-ness and the security of knowing that even when her own family goes (relatively) broke she can just pack up her louis vuitton (to quote mariah carey) and mooch off summer with her gorgeous mansion.

Oh yeah, and just because google and marissa cooper were already makin me feel bad about my chanellessness, Nylon decided to use a "paris issue" as an excuse to put that ubiquitous chanel dress that I love on the cover. (Okay...I admit now I'm kind of just complaining, because even if I had the money I can't really picture myself buying that dress...it's too old or I'm too short or something. But I think I'd buy it anyway just so I could look through magazines in peace without coming across its picture in magazines and suddenly feeling small and unfulfilled.)

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