The Case for Elizabethtown

I KNOW it got semicrappy reviews but I still really want to see it. I am somewhat ashamed to admit Kirsten Dunst is growing on me, mostly due to her clothes which I'm really into.

Innyhoo, review at NY Times And someone is definitely going to be seeing it with me, because I have faith in Cameron Crowe--besides I know Megan probably wants to see it anyway.

Also, I'm going to have to pretend Orlando Bloom is somebody else, because he bothers me. Someone needs to tell him he's not good-looking enough to carry off the whole "hot despite the scruffy" look....obviously he's been hanging out with Johnny Depp too long. Guys probably shouldn't be allowed to hang out with Johnny Depp for extended periods of time or they might start thinking they can pull it off too.

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Treenman said...

ill go see it with you... unless you go see it with megan earlier, which will most likely end up happening.