Lost in the Darkness

Oh man, so I don't know if I've said this before but I know (due to my constant trolling of the spoilers at Eonline)...y'know just in case someone really cares about Lost and doesn't want to know I'm going to put this after the jump....

but somebody please click "complete post" so I can share my spoilers and delicious theories. And if you don't watch Lost than you should really start watching it right now, go read some plot recaps and then start watching. Seriously, even if you were only going to watch like two shows I would say they should be Lost and the O.C. and that pretty much covers everything you need from TV, unless you're the ANTM type, in which case I can see how some lightweights might not want to be committed to two shows on one night. Okay on to the spoiler:

Okay, so what I was going to say is we know that a girl is going to be dying on Lost this season....The latest update is that she will not be killed by a monster, but by someone who "...just might BE a monster" All I have to say about this is that they better not be making Locke be evil! I know that it could be anyone who kills this mystery girl....but I'm worried. We've definitely seen the crazy/psychotic(?) side of Locke and we've seen that lots of people (ahem, Jack for instance..and Hurley in this last episode) have a very combative relationship to him. Well, I'm on his side, and even if he does kill someone he will always be my favorite.

Also, I'm sure this isn't intended since Terry O'Quinn was bald on Alias too, but Locke is totally reminding me of Kurtz from Heart of Darkness right now. The bald head, the jungle, the driven-ness, the difference for me is that Locke will never seem evil to me and (hopefully) will not be decapitating anyone.

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