Or is this the real Laguna Beach?

...this e-mail has been circulating the internet revealing what has--supposedly--been going on off camera. I hope it's not true because I like Jessica and hate Alex M. and all those types (via jolie in nyc)

Courtney and I had dinner with one of the “writers” of MTV’s Laguna Beach last night. He said that the show is real but they definitely set up situations. Big surprise. As most of you remember last week the gang went to Cabo. I know that some of us thought it was weird that everyone was ignoring Jessica and hanging with Alex M. Here is some background. Before Cabo they showed Jessica meeting Jason at the golf course. They hung out all day and later that night they went to a party at Talan’s house. Talan was trying to pull a fast one and not invite the MTV producers to the party. At the party (while Jason is supposedly still dating Alex M) one of Alex M’s friends walked in on Jessica giving Jason head in the bathroom. The friend that walked in immediately called Alex M and tell her. Alex M and Taylor jump into Taylor’s car to go kick Jessica’s ass but get pulled over by the cops. Instead of playing it cool Taylor throws the fake id she has in her wallet into the back seat. The cops get suspicious and ask her what it was, do a search of the car, find the fake id, interrogate Alex M and get her to admit she has a fake id too. Cuff both of them and take them down to the station where MTV has to bail them out. So in one night Alex M found out that her boyfriend is a cheater and gets arrested. The next day Kristen and her sidekick (I think that her name is Alex too?) anyway, they ask Jessica if she hooked with Jason and she totally denies everything. They later find out that she lied and that’s why they are upset with her in Cabo. LC and Jason are currently f’ing. Apparently Jason is a total moron (another big surprise) but he gets any girl super sprung. He failed out of senior year of high school and is not working. LC and Kristin are not enemies but also not bff. They are both trying to become famous so they are hanging in LA. Deter is a camera whore. Anytime the producers put together a scene he tries to tag along to get face time. MTV is hated around Laguna Beach. People that are not on the show are always throwing beer cans and stuff at the cameras.

MTV is currently are working on a spin off for next season with different characters.


Treenman said...

so thats what hooking up is.... i totally believe it, jessica really wanted jason back and even though you like her, you have to admit, she IS pretty darn desperate. i was totally wondering what happened after jessica lied too.... thanks for answering my question.

LCP said...

hey! jessica is not a slut! and she's only desperate because all the bitches who are supposed to be her friends are so mean to her