Vanessa Paradis

OMG, these Chanel ads have been around forever but I just figured out that the model is Vanessa Paradis...the mother of Johnny Depp's children!

Wow, modelling for Chanel and being the closest thing to Mrs. Depp????? That's pretty intense.

Plus, I love the outfits she wears at all the award shows Johnny schlepps her around too...hmm, pretty much all Chanel, that makes sense now.

I'm kind of weirded out by the Kate Moss-Vanessa similarities. Not that I don't think Johnny Depp should eternally regret breaking up with Kate because if they were still a couple they would have my "#1 best couple ever" seal of approval...but it's just kind of weird because she's not Kate. But she models for Chanel, she has slightly gapped teeth, they have similar face structure (the cheekbones..)

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Treenman said...

thanks for all the upduted entries. I LOVE when i go on your blog and read one entry and scroll down a lot after a a few new ones, which in this case i did.