Reading List

In no particular order, blogs I've gotten into lately...just fun stuff.
  • Flypaper: Stuck on Style, this is a blog @ Bluefly (the designer shopping site) it's actually pretty cool with random little fashion related news. Plus, stop in at Bluefly to try and win designer handbags (um, Jess I kind of, sort of registered in your name since I'm not exactly over 18...thanks!)
  • Elyse's Live Journal (from ANTM cyle 1) First of all, she totally should've won instead of trailer trash Adrienne but she's more of a model than Adrienne now anyway.
  • Belle in the Big Apple...um, paging Jolie in NYC? About a southern girl in NYC (as title suggests) kind of interesting but not gossip-y just her life and stuff...I prefer Jolie.
  • PostSecret, obviously not a new site, it's been around for a long time (people send in postcards with their secrets on them and they post them online) I find this incredibly addictive, it feels good to read other people's secrets, plus they're purty.
  • The Awful Truth, not really a blog, but yea! it's daily now! (Also known as the home of Ted Casablanca's Blind Vices...I mean not his vices, you know what I mean)


Treenman said...

i TOTALLY started reading the postsecrets way before you! just saying.

LCP said...

wow, you're so cool.

Blogger said...

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