A Bitter Homecoming

I hate that person.............you KNOW who I'm talking about (and it's NOT voldemort...it's that lame-o who has coerced me into going places I don't want to go so that I won't look bitchy....but I AM A BITCH!!!! helloooooo? why would you ask a question to which only one answer is allowed...no es justo.)

how come certain other peoples (translation: megan) get to handily get out of these awkward situations by LYING and manipulating the guys who love her.

megan's (homecoming) criminal record
2 guys wanted to ask her and she neatly sidestepped one only to decide that she didn't like either...oh megs.
SOPH: um, yes to a guy who loved her soooo much and then later she went and told him NO....oh, the evilness. that was very cruel megan, very cruel
JUNIOR: well, nothing of note but you know it was only because she had scared away all the timid little people.
SENIOR: hoo boy, this one was perhaps the most eventful of all! first there was that junior who was going to ask her so she asked this other guy who had a crush on her to pretend she was going with him just so the 1st one wouldn't be able to ask her....how twisted is that? what a bitch, huh?


Treenman said...

dont worry about it lynn, you are going to have a great time with the mahnster and those other people. everyone always ditches their date anyhoo.

Megan said...

Um, because I'm smarter and more beautiful than you....DUH!!!!!