If you're like me and you're sooo sad that you had to choose between america's next top model & lost (although it was lost of course...best show ever & so underappreciated) four four is definitely the place to go for fabulous antm/cryfest coverage

bonus: tyra talks about boobs...and demonstrates how lopsided her own are...ummmm, cool.

note: yes, it has been noted that this season's girls are not that pretty but we remind you that they generally improve of the course of the season...so don't fret about it, okay? (plus it's not like they're even going to be REAL models or anything...please, don't even get me started on that one....wouldn't be wasting time on a reality show, etc., etc.) nevertheless this does not diminish my appreciation of the good fun yumminess that is ANTM)

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Treenman said...

btw, there are absolutely no pretty models on that show. if there are, they are either too fat, or have the weirdest expressions.like that one girl with the big lips and wide shoulders. i think tyra is trying to make herselflook even better by putting really ugly, ghetto and annoying people on the show. i wish there was someone there who looked at least a little bit better than tyra.