like a psychotic killer without the killing....

...yup, that would be cassandra. my absolutely favoritest ANTM girl this season! why?

um, did you see the part where she was talking about how she had no emotions, kind of like a psychotic killer except she didn't kill people...all with totally deadpan paegent face. wow. that really impressed me. psycho-killer texas paegent girls who moonlight as superheroes with black lipstick....wow. but seriously guys, she's totally got the psycho thing going on. loner in the "house of top model" making them think she's all paegent-y and spoiled then busting out the goth superhero...that was intense.

plus, ah loves me some texas. some people just don't love them the texas, but I just don't get them y'know. I mean texas is so intriguingly corny and cheesy and kitschy and stupidly sneakily clever....plus it has cowboys, and--as cassandra points out--the most competitive paegent system. impressive, no?

all the other (supremely annoying) ones don't like her/are scared of her/think she's spoiled (um...guys, spoiled is cool...so enough with the jealousy, puh-leeze) plus, she totally looks like natalie portman....so like in the movie version of her life natalie could like, be her. and I think natalie could play her character really well and stuff especially if cass goes psycho....did you see natalie in the professional? (yeah, me neither but I know she was in it because I've seen that scary picture of her with the bangs and the gun like a kajillion times)

WARNING: I have to tell you guys, the ones I like never win. after elyse, my favorite intellectual snob/vegetarian/anorexic?/pixie from cycle 1 was eliminated and trailer trash adrienne won....I just knew that my faves and miss tyra's faves were just never going to jive, if you know what I mean.....I mean what can I say, tyra just likes 'em a tad on the tacky side.

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