Lost: Season 2

Hey, if you watch Lost @ all this message board is so cool. Instead of having to think about all the weird, "deep" stuff going on you can just go see what all these...hardcore fans I guess, have managed to puzzle out/decode on their computers...

Example: you thought Walt was really creepy when Shannon saw some "vision" of him dripping wet & speaking gibberish? well, somebody figured out he was just talking backwards (duh, why didn't I think of that) and you can listen to the real words here. hmmm....the button is bad, maybe that's way the cursor looks like a frown-y face....

...and maybe that's why Locke told Jack not to press the button. Locke's so right about everything. I'm totally on Team Locke in the whole "man of faith vs. man of science" debate

p.s. if this lost stuff seems boring all that means is you should really start watching the show. right now.

BREAKING NEWS: holy shit, has the mystery of the numbers been solved??? (4 8 15 16 23 42 you guys, get with the program) click here if you dare (via justjared)

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