Bitchy Bee

Wow, I'm glad I'm not her roommate. She's a freshman @ Columbia this year and apparently her roommate is named frances liu (see Who is Frances Liu?)

Anyway when fashion week daily asked Bee, "is Frances fashionable?"

“I wouldn’t presume that that’s her first interest,” Wintour interjected with a smile.

...yuck, what a bitch. I'm sure you guys will get along even better after Frances hears about this.

Bee also added “We don’t discuss Vogue; it’s more like, ‘Do you want to watch The O.C. tonight?’”

....um, do you have a problem with the O.C. bitch?

note: I still wish I was Bee Shaffer...I mean obviously the meaner (and snobbier) you are the cooler (and prettier) you are.

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