Love is a Force of Nature

After being quite "yah, I'd like to see that" for a while now about many movies I'm very excited about really wanting to see Brokeback Mountain

So why am I so psyched for this one? well as the NY post put it:

"Fresh from winning the top prize at the Venice Film Festival, Ang Lee's heartbreaking 'Brokeback Mountain' digs beneath the homoerotic subtext of countless westerns and presents a very good Jake Gyllenhaal and an extraordinary Heath Ledger as a pair of smitten '60s cowhands who carry on a longtime homosexual affair during periodic 'fishing trips,' even though both eventually marry and have kids." (via the corsair)

plus you should mos def go follow the link and watch the trailer because (not to be a middle aged tourist about it) but the gorgeous scenery alone is almost enough to merit the price of the ticket (...okay, maybe not the normal saturday night price, but totally the weekday afternoon cutting class price) are you in?

note: um, jake & heath are also really hot, so yeah. that's all.

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