sienna's 6 commandments for jude...

.....arrgh, who does she think she is with her lame trying-way-too-hard-to-be-cute facial expressions and her stupid commandments...soooooo lame.

1) Never to be unfaithful again
2) To stay away from ex-wife Sadie and her friends
3) To romance her again before considering marriage
4) To stop losing his temper
5) To let her make her own career choices
6) To let her see her friends when she wants

message for sienna: we all know you went back to him even though he cheated because you're not only a trend whore, you're a fame whore

ugh, please stop trying to seem like such a victim and get over yourself sienna. you're the one who got cheated on and is staying in the relationship anyway...desperate much?

(image junk-feud...commandments ananova)

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Treenman said...

i hate her sooo much...