London Calling

Just in case you were depressed because NY fashion week is over (and if you just can't admit it's over, get all the last of the gossip here)

Anyway, don't forget that London fashion week started today...although I never quite like london fashion week as much as nyc's....

...still london does have Lily Cole (here opening the Julien McDonald show today)

note: fashion week daily calls Lily "statuesque"...isn't that just another euphemism for not skinny enough? (see curvy, amazonian, etc.) wtf? I think she's plenty skinny. check it out (f.w.d.)

oh yeah, maybe you should actually go here (British Vogue, naturally darling) to here about London fashion week...after all it is British....and hey as long as we're looking @ British fashion why don't we just go look @ net-a-porter where I can check out even more accessible things I can't afford...

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