O. Say Can You C.

...hey, don't hate me because I'm not as clever as you, I'm not so good with the puns but @ least I give it my all.

anyway lygan (lygan = lynn + megan...hellooooooo, if you're so clever you should've gotten that one on your own) has been watching some vintage O.C. (1st season people...all the way back to lygan's sophmore year)

innyhoo, we totally realized that marissa + ryan are just like the. most. perfect. couple. EVER. total soul mates, like Tess & Angel except sooo much prettier.

y'know what this makes me think of? this, my friend calls to mind something a very wise man (nick hornby) said in a very profound book (high fidelity...hellooo, puh-leeze don't tell me you haven't read it....just don't man, I've had a long day) he points out that sometimes you're attracted to someone just because they're part of this perfect, happy couple and you think you'd be really happy with them but in reality you just wish you could be part of the unit that is them.

okay, so the point being that I think ryan is so totally perfect, but I am enlightened enough to realize that he's not actually much of something special, he's just 1/2 of a couple whose life any california high schooler wishes they could inhabit (and really, y'know a high schooler from any other state just dreams of being in cal-i-foooooooorn-ya (sung to the phantom planet song's tune....duh))

um, so I guess the conclusion of that little mind trip or vacation or whatever is that I don't really want to marry ryan atwood, I want to be marissa cooper...except that's not really what I mean to say and it's all messed up and wrong because--you know I DO want to marry ryan atwood--my intended message was something waaaaaay deeper and you would've been like..."whoa, whoa that was deep"

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