everything happens for a reason...

So, me & m (yes I know it should be "m & I" but I've made the executive decision that grammar is annoying and I'm totally over it) anyway, we just finished watching 1st season of Lost! (it was very exciting watching the suspenseful season finale with the added drama of our very own california thunderstorm in the background) obviously we were not a moment too soon because season 2 premieres tomorrow!!!!

so then I moseyed over to eonline because Lost's producer was talking about next season. check it out. he has very interesting stuff some of it in regards to spoilers (he thinks they're fine--whew, I'm so relieved) icky michelle rodriguez (she's definitely gonna be there, definitely has "chemistry" with jack--whatever, evil chemistry I bet--and will definitely be competition for kate...I guess that means kate is choosing jack over sawyer...even after sawyer's video! plus he talks about the "meaning" of locke's character and (omg!) says boone will be back??? y'know what he says lots of cool stuff so go read it yourself)

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