Teens on Drugs

Teen Vogue addresses the Kate Moss on cocaine issue. What a style dilemma: to be skinny or to be good....this is what the teen vogue-ers said (including me...but I guess I'm in the minority with the people who think Kate was treated totally awfully. All I can say is, psssh. that's lame, I KNOW these girls don't really think that crap about being "held responsible" and what is the 3rd option even talking about? I mean basically those people are just saying drugs are bad but poor kate, this shouldn't be happening to her.....Also, the middle option (my choice) is kind of messed up too...what about "No. Models get away with drugs all the time so they can be cool enough & bony enough to be in Vogue." yeah, that's my answer. Not that I dislike Vogue...I'm very conflicted.

Doing drugs: Is that model behavior?
Yes. It's about time that celebrities are held responsible for their actions.
No. Celebrities get away with things worse than drugs all the time.
Maybe. It's setting a good example, but shouldn't there be someone to help her with her problem as well.

Not that teenvogue.com is a place that's otherwise completely full of honesty...check out this crap
What a lame, poser ho. Yuck, obviously "ciaobella" pays attention to stuff like teen vogue for style...and wtf do you dress like a coldplay song? I hate people who say stuff like that....I guess that means I wouldn't really fit in on the teen vogue forums. how sad.

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