Sorry Went

Unfortunately (for Wentworth, Fox, me, who knows?) I've decided to drop Prison Break from my tv watching schedule because it just doesn't cut it for either of my 2 tv show criteria:
1) super "good" show, with good writing, drama, suspense, acting, that type of stuff. i.e. Lost, (old) Alias, Veronica Mars
2) super superficial show, with lots of pretty (or trying really hard to be pretty) people, fluffy premises or "plots" and hilarious stupidity bordering on profound. i.e. America's Next Top Model, Super Sweet Sixteen, Laguna Beach
Anyway, Prison Break, was saddled by a kind of un-believable (not to be confused with "unbelievable") premise and some kind of annoying actors. That said, Wentworth Miller is super, super hot which is really the only reason I had any trouble giving up this show. However, I feel better because he looks way hotter in this picture than he looks in his lame, "magical" tattoo when he's on the show. And that's all I have to say about that. (pic via popsugar)

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