Kate gets Taken Off

*sniff, sniff* (sound of my feeling sorry for Kate of course, I would never make a crude joke of the mistakes Kate may have made in the past.)

Look at the mean people taking down Kate's picture just because she hangs out with mean people who sell her out to the tabloids (apparently all celebrities are really bad at determining who are their friends and who are the leeches...poor kate/lindsay/mkao) Just in case you're not 100% up to date on the vicissitudes of the "Cocaine Kate" aftermath, I'll catch you up a bit:

The Good:
Jefferson Hack stands by his woman (the Corsair)
Sharon Stone shows her support (Reuters )
Naomi Campbell shows her support....um, how is it fair that Naomi is the one not in rehab? please, she must do sooooo much more drugs than little katie, seriously. (Scoop)

The Bad:
Burberry drops her (popsugar)
H&M drops her (popsugar)
Rimmel says they'll keep her....then gets pressured into probably dropping her too. (so sad for them too because Kate was really the perfect spokesperson for their aptly named "recovery" line....hmmmm, maybe this was all a silly ol' marketing stunt.) (Page Six)

The Ugly:
nope, even on drugs there's nothing ugly about Kate.

Yup, just because Katie's in Arizona doesn't mean she can't be the most interesting gossip going on. Yes, more interesting than disturbing pregnancies and on/off/on-again marriages (suck my blog)

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