Hi I'm George...

Not that Ted Casablancas is like a super-reliable news source or anything (although he is the go-to guy for blind items) but according to him W. is hitting the bottle again...

Innyhoo, if you're too lazy to scroll the whole awful truth yourself--it can be hard wading through Ted's rhetoric sometimes--he says that

"Rumors are circulating fast and furious that Laura Bush discovered her hubby boozing it up with a few whiskey shots--and that Dubya has been imbibing again since the devastation from Hurricane Katrina let loose. Wouldn't blame him, that's fer sure. And it would certainly explain his incredibly flip-flopping performance of late. But are the tales of secretive drinking true?"

..hmmm, juicy gossip,I wonder if it's for reals...and whether Bush being conscious even affects what goes on in the government.

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