Lindsay: Fully Loaded

Poor Lindsay, she seems to have gotten herself into another car crash (says perez) Those dumb celebrities (not that Linds. is dumb..obviously she is not just any normal celebrity) are always messing up their perfect cars. see: scarlett johanssen, nicole richie, lindsay the first time around, princess di, etc.

Plus, she can't do the whole sob story princess di act this time because apparently it was all her fault. Perez quotes a (shady?) source as saying that "Lindsay was driving like a maniac ans he hit a (red) van that was being driven by an employee of the Newsroom Cafe."

...oh Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay, what are we going to do with you?

yikes, check out how smashed up the mercedes is this time! plus popsugar says that linds plus 2 other people were taking to the hospital (hohan is apparently okay though, you can breathe easy.)

...okay and maybe paparazzi were involved again after all. Although really, can't she always say she's avoiding the paparazzi because there's always somebody following her around?

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