Laguna Beach Spawns a Spinoff

Important Note before we go any further: I <3 Jessica and I hate Kristin (the backstabbing bitch)

The continuing adventures of LC, Stephen, Kristin and the rest of the telegenic kids from the wealthy Orange County enclave will be chronicled in a new season debuting sometime next year (the current season of “Laguna Beach” runs through mid-November). The show has become something of a phenomenon this year, grabbing about 3 million viewers per week and generating a wave of press coverage.

The show’s creative team will try to duplicate that success with a new show called “8th & Ocean,” set to premiere in early 2006. Using the “Laguna Beach” style of unintrusive camera work and structured-but-not-scripted plot arcs, “8th & Ocean” will follow the lives of 10 aspiring models (male and female) who live in a South Beach apartment complex.

(zap2it via popsugar)

Doesn't the spinoff show sound cool? Except why don't they ever make shows about (at least semi-) successful models....because the "aspiring models" on tv never seem to make it. (case in point: ANTM grads like Adrienne & Naima) On the other hand, Laguna Beach's deliciously catty superficiality plus even more attractive characters sounds like a recipe for success.

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