Birds of a Feather

Finally, I've got a picture of the gorrrr-geous Devi Kroell flat python boots which have held a special place in my heart for quite a while now.....

....look how pretty.

These are like the epitome of flat boots to me: better than Dior, Jimmy Choo, etc. They are just shaped so perfectly, in the perfect skin, with the perfect pattern to add that little extra touch of flair.

And since there is as much chance of me getting my hands on them as on--I dunno? a nuclear bomb?--I wish some (me-approved) celeb would wear them in a picture. Lindsay? MK? Ash? Maybe Misha Barton will wear 'em they seem like her type of thing.

...hey they're actually only $1,990 that's not too bad really...

Okay, so style.com says bird-themed looks are "all the rage" right now. Yea. kudos to me on buying a bird necklace a couple weeks ago and a "bird themed" shirt yesterday. Me and Candy Pratts Price are like totally like on the same wavelength or something...hey, that's what I want to be when I grow up! Whoa--CPP, LCP--it must be fate. (Sigh, watch me grow up and be a middle school english teacher or something, how much would that suck.)

(pic and CPP's job from style.com)

Oh, one last thing. I want that too.

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