Andy You're a Star

Andy Milonakis is going to release a hip-hop album. Okay actually, I guess it's not a "real" hip-hop album because he says its going to make fun of hip-hop...but sound just like it.

He reveals a peek @ his creative process: "...Why? Why, Andrew Milonakis?' And then I say, 'Stop asking yourself questions and calling yourself Andrew Milonakis!' And I never listen."


Treenman said...

i really like your title. where did you go at lunch you crazy gal lynn? mmegan and i were sitting there alone and it was the most boring lunch ive ever sat through. oh i saw your boy BIG D and he was like, "lynn was the worse hc date in the history of hc dates. i hate her guts and will never bother her again!!!" haha you wish, he actually didn't say anything to katrina the loser.

LCP said...

lynn the loser was turning in recommendation stuff to ms. moyer (I got there right after seeing you & megan walk away) and then kate took me to starbucks so I could have a nice venti iced tea to keep me company in programming since mahncy ditched me to go hang out with smart people :-(