I'm not Ashamed to Say It..

...I love Kelly Clarkson.

Oh fine, it was anticlimactic, after all everybody loves Kelly Clarkson (whether they will admit it or not.) Highlight of my Kelly Clarkson love: when the Laguna Beach girls were all (by all I mean one of the cliques, obviously, they're not like, all going to hang out together) in the limo going to prom last season and Since You Been Gone came on and they all start singing along off-key and into it...it was great, it really made Laguna Beach seem human. I mean, seriously, its not like those uber-cool O.C. kids would be caught dead doing a Kelly singalong unless it was like "ironic" or something.

watch her new video here


Treenman said...

it wasnt prom! it was after they went out after bowling. know your shit before you post it. geez, that was too, too upsetting. i guess the only thing youll have to do now is go to my house and watch the marathon which plays like everyday.

LCP said...

um, okay was it at least a prom episode? wait...they get limos just to go bowling? and why are you up so late at night, katrina?

Treenman said...

fyi, it wasnt even a prom episode. it was the first episode of the season so obviously they wouldnt already be going to prom.