A History of Violence

The megster and I saw A History of Violence today and I was really psyched to see it but it was kind of um, I dunno, I guess basically the only thing very memorable about it (other than Viggo) was that it was muy graphic. Like reeeeeeally graphic. (Not talking about the--yes, very graphic--coupla sex scenes) it was really the long close-ups of bloody smashed up faces, and maybe the part where Viggo hugs his son but he has a bit of someone else's guts on him...how sweet. Not like it was a super bad movie or anything but it definitely didn't live up to the glowing reviews I read.

Note to self: NEVER trust movie reviewers, they have the. worst. taste. ever. (or maybe I do) I'm still upset over how our newspaper gave Dude, Where's My Car ZERO stars, that was lame.

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Treenman said...

bah, i had had a dream about viggo mortensen battliing to the death with some guy just now.... i needed to see that movie with mahncy the moment it came out. not because the movie, but because of viggo and our viggo fan club supreme. it makes me sad to know that two not open viggo supreme fan members have seen it before we have. mahncy get your stuff together so we can watch it!