Tinsley Mortimer is the New Paris Hilton

...and she's been thus dubbed by the New York Social Diary and all I can say is: Ha Ha....that's what you get for flaunting your spoiled self in the the pages of the NY Times. Hmph, now all the little jealous people (like me) who hate you for getting free clothes can at least laugh at you because YOU'RE THE NEW PARIS HILTON mwah ha ha ha.

Here are the (remaining) differences between the two blonde camera whores (admittedly one much more whore-ish than the other):
"Oh there are differences. Mrs. Mortimer tends not to show as much flesh as Ms. Hilton. And although she looks more like a rich girl, the lifestyle is not as luxuriously flamboyant (i.e., Mrs. Mortimer Yellow Cabs it while Paris travels by Bentley or her parents’ SUV). And Mrs. Mortimer comes without the mystique of being an actual “heiress” (quotes intended). Although on the social scale in New York, with the name Mortimer, she’s up there. And on some social scales, way up there, far above her predecessor who, after all, is a California girl. "
Boo, to dissing California girls. After all, don't we wish they all could be California girls? Besides aren't those "sun-kissed" curls a total California girl wannabe thing happening? That's what I thought.

[Socialites in Borrowed Clothing? Quick, Take a Photograph NY Times]
[T’is Definitely the Season NY Social Diary]


katrina said...

you have to admit, though, she IS a lot prettier than paris. as you can see i finally got my internet back up. either that or i am at the library.

LCP said...

Heheh, good to see you back...at the library, studying I presume.

Sorry about being all miserable @ lunch...are you sorry for being angry at me for failing at life? Hm?

treens said...

yea, sorry i was a bitch. I just get really impatient with people sometimes. you aren't failing life yet... there's still time to catch up with it.

Anyway, the main reason i'm leaving you a comment is to say mahncy got gangbanged and not in our cool slang sense. there was major humpage from multiple parties. the thing is i have to show you in person what her facial expression was: it was a mix of what is happening and i'm REALLY enjoying this.

hot shit said...

hi-fucking-larious, a true roxbury moment!