Plum Dandy

Is "Plum Dandy" even a saying? I don't know I'm too spaced out to figure that one out at the moment, but in more important matters:

Plum Sykes (She's the brunette pictured at left with Tory Burch) is writing a second book!!! Yea! On my ranking of (bad but good) books Bergdorf Blondes would come before even the Shopaholic series, and that my friends, is HIGH praise!

I'm gleaning my late night info from a Style.com party report of some random party (the descriptions get old after a couple hundred parties so I just look at the photos) which says that,

Plum Sykes took a break from writing her second novel to host the Wednesday afternoon affair

Get psyched! (And be 'psyched' I obviously meant 'Syked'...phew, good thing I didn't let that one slip by me.)


It's ME said...

bergdorf blondes is the bestest book ever! i wish i was plummy, she has such a perfect life. who'd she get married to again? some duke or something like that?

LCP said...

No me, just some random rich guy (good enough, I guess) named Toby Rowlands...who I can't seem to find a good picture of (sorry)