Scarlett's Letter is 'P' for Poser

(If the title didn't instantly make sense to you, you should take more high school english classes so that you can do LAME activities which involve you pinning construction paper letters to your clothing and feeling like a kindergardener)

Anyway, the reason Scarlett should be wearing a 'P' is because according to the whores of fashion's analysis of her NY Times article,

"Ms. Johansson showed up for an interview looking all Kurt Cobain (converse, ripped jeans, cardigan, Truman Capote's In Cold Blood) only to talk about her Tiffany's jewelry, antiques, cashmere, and micro-dogs."

Whatever, that's totally what I would do if I was rich...except for the parts about converse and books and dogs because those things are all dumb and boring.

[NY Times]

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