OMG! I Totally Recognize That Barn!

Seriously! I drive by it on my way to go hiking!!! (Yes, I am a dork)

God, I love it when the NY Times talks about Silicon Valley (in this case Wheels and Deals in Silicon Valley ) It makes me feel like I'm right in the thick of the action....not like I've been on a bike since the summer before my freshman year when I fell off my bike on the way home from summer school and ripped my jeans, but that doesn't mean I'm not special.

BTW, I love how they make it sound like the "Silicon Valley elite" (ha ha) are all batshit insane....like this woman, when it's really those damn journalists who are insane. I swear they had an article about people exercizing while doing business like, yesterday? And what do bike helmets and spandex have to do with Fashion & Style? I think there are some things about these New York people that I will never understand.

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