Surgery! Seattle! Heartbreak! Enemas!

FINALLY TVgasm has started recapping Grey's Anatomy (the only good show on Sunday nights these days....excepting Family Guy of course)

This is an issue very close to my heart because I don't think that Grey's gets talked about nearly as often as it deserves (unlike some other crappier shows starring aging middle aged scarecrows)

I'm wondering what TVgasm will make of this show that I've been watching faithfully from the veeery first episode (I was in a hotel room in Vermont at the time, and actually that's the same trip where I saw my first episode of Lost too....see, college visiting trips are good for something!)

My current Grey's peeve: Izzie's scrubs! They're just waaay too tight and sooo unflattering! Sheesh, they're almost as fugly as (female) Dr. Shepard's salmon colored scrubs.

[Surgery! Seattle! Heartbreak! Enemas! TVgasm link]

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